After 47 years the chapter "CJ Aquarium" is closed !!


We would like to give thanks to our clients, suppliers and friends for their

longterm cooperation and loyalty and many great talks.

Stay loyal to the hobby and the breeding!

Yours sincerely



Everything started in 1974 with fish farming and retail. Step by step we developed our company for dealing with import and export of cichlids from Africa. Today we import cichlids from Lake Tanganjika and Lake Malawi and export them into the whole world.

We offer you a great variety of the entire range of cichlids from both lakes in the Rift Valley.We rise to the challenge to import rare and new species. We always try to give consideration to this requirement.

Due to the constantly rising demands for direct imports of cichlids from Tanzania throughout the whole world we support a resident supplier with our Know-How. This type of shipping has turned out to be very successful and is a good addition to our possibilities in sales and distribution.

We always realize: Africa still remains a great challenge for us - now and in future.